Posted in October 2008

Wario Land Shake it! for the Wii

Wario seems to have put away his plat-forming days for mini-games and weird characters. Gladly, his old plat-forming games are still fun. Good news though, we have a new side-scrolling game from Wario in the form of Wario Land: Shake it! Or The Shake Dimension for the Wii. So, is this game as good as … Continue reading

Pikmin 2 for the GameCube

Pikmin was a fun little game for the Gamecube. It was one of the best launch titles I have ever seen alongside Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2. Like I said in my last review though, I found the second game in the series to be more enjoyable. The title of this game is none other … Continue reading

Pikmin for the GameCube

Let’s be honest about Nintendo. It has been awhile since they have come up with a new franchise. Yeah, they still have Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, but why not make a new franchise that we can all know and love? What about Wave Race or something like that? Good news though, they have come up … Continue reading

Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube

Most big franchises usually have a great number of games, but there is always that one game that people call the black sheep of the bunch. Even though I hate that term, I happen to use it myself. Sadly, one of those franchises that have a black sheep is Mario. Yeah, people say that Super … Continue reading

Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64

2D side-scrolling plat-forms are classic gaming. Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Shatterhand are hallmarks on how plat-forming should be done on the second dimension. However, when the Nintendo 64 and Playstation came out with its ability to form 3D characters and levels, what would happen to characters that made fame being two-dimensional? … Continue reading

Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64

What other game in the Mario franchise screams multiplayer on the Nintendo 64 besides Mario Party? How about the other well-known multiplayer game known as Mario Kart 64? I just want to say that this is going to be a special review since this was the first video game I ever got with my Nintendo … Continue reading

Nights Journey into Dreams for the Wii

There seems to be a lot of good games out there today that are getting skipped over for bigger titles. Let’s take games like Astal, the Wizards and Warrior series, Jetgrind Radio, and Kid Chameleon, for example. They were popular back then, but by today’s standards, unless you go to or, you won’t … Continue reading