Posted in November 2009

Punch Out!! for the Wii Review

There are a lot of retro games these days that are getting a face-lift, and are introduced to the new generation of gaming. These include Bionic Commando, A Boy and his Blob, Rygar, Contra, and the list goes on. While most of the retro games that are getting a face-lift might suck, like Rygar, there … Continue reading

Prototype for the PS3 and Xbox360 Review

Let’s see here…I have reviewed a couple of games based off of super heroes, like The Darkness, which rocked a lot of awesomeness, even though it was a small package. I have also done bad ones, like Superman Shadow of the Apokolips, which sucked like heck! However, what happens when you take a game that … Continue reading

Donkey Kong Jungle Beats for the Gamecube Review

While Mario has been driving Nintendo’s consoles into triple digits and beyond, I remember when Donkey Kong and his franchise would do just the same. He had three amazing arcade games and three amazing Super Nintendo games, though seeing how he is slowly having fewer and fewer games, his future seems bleak. In 2004, one … Continue reading