Posted in April 2010

Pokemon Channel for the GC review

We as gamers have two categories of games we play. The first is games that we love and play over and over again because they are so good. The second category goes to games we just despise because they are poorly made and not fun to play. However, there is a secret category that we … Continue reading

Tomba 2 for the Playstation review

It’s a shame that some games that are critically successful can do so horrible financially. Sometimes, the result of that is the company that made the game can go out of business. No one will know why some games that get great reviews sell poorly. It could be the poor marketing of the game, but … Continue reading

Kamen Rider Double review

Even though I love American super heroes like Batman, the Question, Hellboy, and many others, I happen to like Japanese super heroes a little more. Now, there are a few of the shows that have come out here in America, but most of the time it’s just the Power Rangers being adapted to American audiences, … Continue reading