Posted in December 2012

DLC Domination Part 12: The Baconing for the PS3 and 360 review

If you all remember in 2010, a small company known as Hothead Games released two distinct games that are just awesome. Those two games are Deathspank and Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue. Of course, the creator, Ron Gilbert meant those two games to be only one huge game, but in the end, decided to make it … Continue reading


Paper Mario Sticker Star for the 3DS review

Buying a game is basically a 50-50 gamble. What do I mean by this? Well, you, as a gamer, are going to spend certain amount of money, either a small amount or large amount, and well, the game you end up spending money on can either be bad or good. The result of spending money … Continue reading


Max Payne 3 for the PS3 and 360 review

In this week’s review, I decided to take on a recent title from Rockstar to fill anyone left standing with bullets. I still remember the distaste I had for Rockstar, not just for their violence- filled games, but because I just didn’t get the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series. I know I’ve said … Continue reading