Posted in February 2015

Hand of Fate for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One Review

With games that are designed around trading cards or collectable cards, there isn’t much variety. They basically play out like a virtual version of the real life card game. Personally, I find that boring. I wish there was more innovation among these kinds of games. Don’t make just a virtual collectable card game, do something … Continue reading


Yakuza 3 for the PS3 Review

  As we move onward to the new generation of consoles, I decided to take a look back at a game I have been meaning to play for many years now, Yakuza 3. The Yakuza franchise is easily one of my favorite game series with its focus on telling a compelling crime drama and having … Continue reading


Apotheon for the PC and PS4 Review

I hate it when I find a disappointing experience so early in the year. It puts me in a sour mood, because I wish I could say I really enjoyed this game. It has a lot of good ideas and a beautiful art style, but holy cow, it has some major issues. Today’s review will … Continue reading