Posted in January 2009

Chameleon Twist for the Nintendo 64

As a gamer, I always have a fond memory of most of the games I play. Yeah, I might not remember all of them, but one that I played a long time ago and still remember is Chameleon Twist for the Nintendo 64. This is definitely one of the more memorable games that I remember … Continue reading

Retro Saga Part 20: the 19XX Series.

Okay, everyone guess what these games have in common. Gradius, U.N. Squadron, Axelay, R-Type, and Raiden. No, the correct answer isn’t that they are all great games (even though they are great games). The correct answer is they are all 2D shooters. They also have you flying a plane of some sort, and shooting everything … Continue reading

Retro Saga Part 19: Final Fight

Everyone has their beat ‘em up. There is, of course, Double Dragon, Battle Toads, TMNT: Turtles in Time, the X-Men and Simpson’s Arcade game, and others, though there has been an eternal fight between two beat ‘em up franchises. Those two franchises are Streets of Rage and Final Fight. To be honest, I have never … Continue reading

Retro Saga Part 18: Mega Twins

Capcom has made a LOT of beat ‘em ups, Final Fight, Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, and you get the idea. Capcom is a really amazing company and I’m really happy to play a lot of their games. I mean I’m not a fan of Ghost and Goblins or Megaman, but I like … Continue reading

Retro Saga part 17: Magic Sword

Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, Black Tiger, and Ghost and Goblins. What do all these games have in common? Yes, Capcom made them, but they also dealt with fantasy-themed worlds, with monsters and weaponry. While I enjoy that they did a lot of games like this, it kind of felt kind of redundant … Continue reading

Retro Saga Part 14: Eco Fighters

Capcom isn’t that famous for making 2D shooters, but they have a few like the 1940 series of 2D shooters. Sadly though, Capcom is more known for their fighting, horror survival, and beat ‘em up genres than 2D shooters. It’s a shame, since one shooter got overlooked and I find it a fun game. The … Continue reading

Retro Saga part 13: Captain Commando

Nintendo has Mario, Sony as Kratos and Drake, and Microsoft has Master Chief. Mascots are everything in showing who the company is. You could say the mascot is a fictional spokesman for the company. Now, there is some debate about what Capcom’s mascot is. They have a lot of games like Megaman, Street Fighter, Lost … Continue reading

Retro Saga part 12: Black Tiger

When you think of arcade games from Capcom, what do you think about? Ghost and Goblins, Final Fight, and Street Fighter are maybe ones that you think about the most. While those are all good and all, I want to review some of the more obscure arcade games that no one talks about unless you’re … Continue reading