Posted in March 2010

Final Fantasy 9 for the Playstation review

Final Fantasy has a funny beginning, in my opinion. For example, the reason why the game is called Final Fantasy is because when the first one was released it was expected to be Square’s last game before filing for bankruptcy. Instead, the game turned out to be a huge hit, and is still considered one … Continue reading

Heavy Rain for the PS3

Video games. All you need is a controller and a television and you’re all set! Well, you also need the console and the game, or else you aren’t going far. It seems like today in games, we know what to expect. When we see Halo or any other FPS game, we know what we are … Continue reading

Freaknik: The Musical Review

I’ve been doing reviews for a while now. I have over 100 reviews, and I still have a huge list of games that I have to play and review. Recently however, I was thinking about doing other reviews, like of shows I like or something. I had a couple of ideas about what to do, … Continue reading