Posted in July 2015

Velocibox for the PC, PS4, and Vita Review

It’s amazing what kind of games get popular among the big YouTube video game personalities online. Most of the time, the games they choose are mediocre flash games because they will get the biggest laughs, or indie games that are cynically made to be played by YouTubers. You can say that is rather harsh of … Continue reading

Yasai Ninja for the PS4 and PC Review

What is more disappointing? A terrible game that has no redeeming values? Or a terrible game that has the potential to be a good game, but squanders those hopes and dreams? Yasai Ninja belongs in the latter. I was honestly a little excited for this game when I saw it was on Steam Greenlight. You … Continue reading

Guild of Dungeoneering for the PC Review

I recently got a review copy of a super charming dungeon crawler that is being developed by a studio called Gambrinous, and published by Versus Evil, the company that published games like The Banner Saga, Toren, and the upcoming Armikrog and Bedlam. This game is called Guild of Dungeoneering. It is only for PC, and … Continue reading

Godzilla for the PlayStation 4 Review

Sometimes, you think the job to make one kind of game shouldn’t be that hard. This is especially true when it’s a game about one of cinema’s classic movie monsters. Have a vast array of monsters to play as, destroy buildings, and have the monsters fight each other with simple, but satisfying controls and combat. … Continue reading